Termite Management Service:

The termites are also called as “White Ants” as they known are social insects. Termites are different from most other insects in that, like ants, bees and wasps, they are unsocial and live in colonies or societies that are highly integrated. Although termite’s species vary throughout India, Termite colonies can vary in size from only two individuals to hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions of individuals. Colonies contain several forms of casts, including larvae or immature, workers, soldiers, nymphs and reproductives. These castes can be distinguished by physical characteristics. Subterranean termites are the type most likely to attack your home. Subterranean termites live underground in a colony comprising Queen, King, Workers and Soldiers. A single colony may comprise of millions of termites. They feed on anything containing cellulose i.e. wooden doors, wooden furniture’s, wooden fixtures or any other object having cellulose such as paper, books, documents, clothes, even currency notes etc. In search of food they also damage leather, rubber, electrical wire coatings, nylon, neoprene, thermocol practically everything man cherishes to own.

They enter the buildings through foundation, expansion joints, lift wells, utility ducting such as electrical, telephone cables or tunneling through cracks in the walls. They also construct mud tubes for their movement, which is a first sign of presence of termites.

They have ability to travel long distances in search of food. It is common to see termites in top floors of multistory buildings.

While most of you may think that termites can only be treated once your home is infested by them, it isn’t true. With our innovative technology and expertise, termite management methods can be implemented in existing as well as new buildings is very important, as the damage likely to be caused by the termites is huge. The wide spread damage of termites have necessitated evolving suitable measures for preventing access of termites into the buildings. Prevention is always better than cure.

Termites comprise large and diverse group of ecologically and economically important insects that feed on cellulose, principally in wood. Whenever termite infestation is detected in building, appropriate steps should be adopted for their extermination. Once the termites have ingress into the building, they keep multiplying and destroy the wooden and celluloses materials and as such it becomes essential to take measures for protection against termites. Periodic inspection and control measures are the most important steps in checking the termite damage to the building. “YOU MAY NEVER SEE ANY EVIDENCE OF THEM—UNTIL A PEST MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL DISCOVERS THEY HAVE SERIOUSLY DAMAGED YOUR HOME”


Green Globe PMS offers both Post-construction and Pre-construction Termite Treatment

Post Construction Termite Treatment

Post Construction Termite treatment is a Drill-Fill-Seal method. Termite comprises drilling holes in the junction of wall and floor, soaking them with termiticide and sealing them. This makes a completely undetectable chemical barrier around your property.

Termites unknowingly forage through treated area, quickly passing the termiticide throughout their population. This leads to faster control or termites. We also treat infested woodwork with chemicals to kill termites and project it from any further attacks.

Also we would like to educate our clients that our termite treatment doesn’t repels termites but it kills them. This treatment is hassle free, non-messy and completely safe for humans and pets.


Annual Maintenance Contract:

Green Globe PMS undertakes TERMITE Services for apartments, offices and for a part of the building premises that gives protection for a period of ONE year.

5Years Maintenance Contract:

Green Globe PMS undertakes TERMITE Services for entire residential and commercial buildings that gives your property the warranted protection against termites for a period of five years.


Advantages & Benefits:


  • Next Generation treatment widely used in all developed countries completely odorless solution.
  • Highly effective since it kills termites unlike regular pest control which repels them.
  • Does not cause any inconvenience or threat to family’s health.
  • Long lasting residual effect.




TERMITE treatment is followed by the monitoring visits once in 6months throughout the contract period



  • This contract comes with a 10-year warranty for the entire building or structure.
  • The scope of work is to set up a chemical barrier against attack by subterranean termites while the building is under construction.
  • All work shall in general be executed as specified in IS: 6313 Part II-2001.
  • And as per approved specification of the agency having special know-how for the job.
  • All necessary work to ensure uniform distribution and proper penetration of treatment of treating solution shall be done according to the instruction of the Engineer.
  • A termite barrier system shall deter concealed entry to the building by termites


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